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Flinders Yacht Club

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Our club competition environment is supportive to experienced and new sailors, with an emphasis on learning and inclusion.

If you would like to learn to sail at Flinders Yacht Club, please explore the Learn to Sail page.

Electronic Sign on click HERE


 Race Results

For the Latest Off the Beach and Keel Boat Results Click Here

For Previous Season Off The Beach results please visit ClubOps

For a summary of the 2020-21 Season visit HERE

For a summary of the 2022-23 Season visit HERE

Details of the online sign on system

Reminder that this is as per Australian Sailing advice so is therefore the way we will go this season, you should be able to use your phone as well.  If unable then myself or another sailor should be able to help you on the day.

The way it works:

Click Here or use the following web address:

Your username is [yoursailnumber]

Your password is your boat name all lower case with no spaces, if your boat is unnamed the password will be "tba"

Please enter in all crew names, If you are on duty please still enter but tick the duty box.

Sign on is available 24 hours before the start of the first race, ie from 1330 on a Saturday usually, you can test it now but there will not be any races to sign on to yet.

If you wish to sail a Club Pacer in a race you can reserve it and sign on using the following:


Password: clubpacer# (# = the number pacer 1-5 you wish to use)

Any issues signing on please call Rick Barker 0412310012

35 Lacey View, Flinders

Vic 3929

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