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West Headings November 2020 Part 2

30 Nov 2020 10:38 AM | Anonymous

Winches & Weeds

Winter 2020 has been unusual as you may have noticed! Due to the Corona Lockdown our contractors were not allowed to mow the grass, but some members gave up their exercise time to put in an hour or two to attempt to hold back the encroaching jungle. With the wet it has also been warm which has been great for the prickly weed Bindii. Although the grounds have been treated, going barefooted may be painful. Due to Corona limits there is no working bee this season but many thanks to the core 'Yard Gang' including Smokey, Clay, Davo, Wazza, Duncan, David, Mark, Mabs, Ian, and Andrew who came thru to shuffle boats in the compound, mowing, weeding, de-vining, whipper snipping, slashing and flail mowing. Moving boats with flat tyres is hard yakka for us old farts so fix yours up. And well done to Max and Jeanette for defining the roadways, and John and Susie who keep the Saltbush vigorous. 

The compound is for sailboats only, empty trailers go outside behind the big shed. Bass park trust lease excludes launching of non-yacht related power boats. Boats are to be kept bow to the fence that bow props don't create a trip hazard.

The bonfire has got rid of our off cuts and that's it as we approach bushfire season proclamation. Ian did a mighty job registering burn offs (CFA 1800 668 511), providing water hoses, and monitoring the burns for completeness.

The willing sharing of labour and machine for the club's benefit is humbling and appreciated.

We try to give members some tangible value for their money, like the south rack for free water toy storage if labelled. An opportunity was grabbed to create slipping dolleys for keelboats and their winter maintenance which promises to be very useful for active boats.

The club winch was pronounced dead by our consulting engineer Don. He then designed, built and installed a new one which is significantly wonderful. A small Corona Compliant gathering of the Yard Gang toasted its inauguration, and their efforts, and enjoyed some of Clay and Joys' Paella on the deck bringing our own chairs, tables and sanitiser.

To reduce slip in the club ute on seaweed, second-hand but still chunky 'Mud Tyres' were put on.


By Helen Kent

FYC is very proud to (belatedly) announce Victoria Fogarty is the extremely well deserved winner of the FYC 2019/2020 Penny Nilsen Trophy. Victoria, wife of Jim and mother of Lilly (12) and Rose (10), epitomises the very essence of the award. Her welcoming smile, vivacious demeanour, energy and involvement in every aspect of the club reflects the character of the award’s namesake, “Penny Nilsen”, who was part of the yacht club for many years. Victoria is an ever-present member who wraps her joy in the club around each member she greets, offering cups of tea, introductions and all manner of assistance to make the recipient of her attention feel so special. She is always to first to assist with any social event and has been instrumental in managing the refreshments and social side of the annual Tackers program for the last couple of years.

Former commodore Rob Cave with Victoria and Jim at the 2017 Commodore's Cocktail Party.

We asked Victoria to give us her view of FYC membership.

What year & why did you join FYC?

We joined Oct 2016 but Jim had been a member in the 1980’s and 90’s and has many good memories growing up at FYC. When we built our own place at Flinders in 2015 we were keen for our daughters (Lilly & Rose) to have the opportunity to sail and make some new friends. Also my father who passed away in 2016 was a very keen sailor so there is an emotional connection to sailing for me.

Above left: Victoria lending a hand.

Above right: Will Morgan and Lilly discussing race strategy.

How has FYC contributed to your quality of life?

In many ways it has become like a second home to us, and the members are almost like an extended family. What has really impressed me is how much generosity other members have given to our daughters, encouraging and mentoring them as sailors. It is hard to single out any names as really the entire membership have been so welcoming and so amazing to Lilly and Rose. Tedd Warden & David Campbell have taken the girls out numerous times on their keel boats, and they have both been actively mentored by Rick Barker and Ed Wright. My husband Jim took them out in a Pacer one of their first seasons and they both avowed they would never sail with him again! So we are very grateful with all the active sailors who are so good with encouraging FYC junior members.

What are your favourite FYC events?

I enjoy the Tackers week because there are so many new families and families we haven’t seen all year. The children have so much fun learning about sailing, and there is really good camaraderie with the parent helpers. I also really enjoy seeing parents sail with their children. We all get swept up in busy lives during the year, and there is so much value in family time during the summer sailing at the club. The new Quiz night last season was also very enjoyable and I have never really enjoyed Quiz nights before.

How would you like to see the younger FYC members get involved?

Both our children have gained a lot from the Tackers program, not only from a sailing point of view, but the social aspect for junior sailing is excellent. So I would definitely recommend the Tackers program to any new family members. I also think if junior members are keen to learn about sailing to just ask around the club and to turn up on race days to see if anyone needs crew. The keener you are the more opportunities are available to young sailors. Social Sailing Saturdays is also an excellent way for families with children to participate in sailing without the stress of racing. For younger parents, I would definitely recommend getting involved in assisting with the junior social events as a fantastic way to meet other new parents and establish new friendships. We really value the friendships we have made at FYC.

Above left: Lilly & Rose receive accolades at 2018 FYC Presentation Night with Anna Cave and guest speaker Gen 

Above right: Lilly (2nd from left) & Rose (far right) on the deck with friends.

On Watch

A reminder from our Membership Secretaries Mark & Jacqui Kelly to please submit payment for your membership subscription as soon as possible. Your subs go towards the maintenance and improvement of our wonderful clubhouse, yard and club boats.

Our famous summer sailing school is going ahead! Bookings are essential, please click here for more information. 

Beautiful one day, windswept the next, image of the FYC foreshore from Peter Alexandrovics

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