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    Ready About

    Saturday 3rd April 2021
    Join us at the Easter Celebration BYO Dinner on the Deck. All members and guests are welcome to this family event, games for the kids start at 5pm. Hope to see you there!

    Photo: Luca Cave

    From the Editor’s desk

    Sitting in between Point Leo and Shoreham at Sunday’s Montalto Marathon, experiencing sunshine, wind and rain, with a spare rashie pulled over my head as a makeshift hood, I remarked on how a long day on the ocean is tempered by good company, good laughs and seeing our sailors enjoy the day.

    In this issue, we hear from Alan Farrar, Rick Barker and Trish Hurley. Enjoy!

    Battling wind and rain at the finishing line.

    From the Helm

    Dear FYC Members,

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our March issue of West Headings.

    With just a few more weekends of racing, our season is quickly coming to a close.

    We commenced the season with more than a little Covid trepidation. Thankfully our concerns for racing did not eventuate and we have enjoyed great racing on our home courses and at other venues.

    Recently, our crews have flown the FYC flag at the Pacer State Championships with excellent results. Our “Off The Beach” and “Keel Boat” Aggregates have seen close and spirited racing without clear cut winners until the last days of racing.

    A magic climax to our season was the inaugural Montalto Marathon staged in good conditions in the south western waters of Western Port Bay last weekend. Over 50 boats from Somers, Westernport, Merricks and Flinders Yacht Clubs participated. We took 1st place in both the KB and OTB Monohulls divisions.

    To ensure that I don’t steal any of our Captain Rick Barker’s thunder, I direct you to Rick’s words in Lay Lines for more details.

    While our formal social activities have been Covid curtailed, we have enjoyed plenty of informal dining on the deck and I look forward to seeing you at another great night on the deck on Easter Saturday.


    Alan Farrar

    Photo: Luca Cave

    Lay Lines
    From the Club Captain

    Again - some really nice sailing days recently, especially last weekend for the Inaugural Montalto Marathon.

    The Club Championships and Aggregates are done and dusted and we just have the Easter Racing and the Autumn Series to go so make sure you get down for a sail before it gets too cold!

    See for full results.

    Photo: Peter Alexandrovics 

    Somers Sassy Regatta:

    Lilly, Misha, Meike & Emma attended the SaSSY (SheSailsatSomersYachtClub) regatta on 28 Feb and gained valuable experience. Lilly and Misha managed to win one of the races in the afternoon and were just pipped in the second. Mischa was so excited by the experience she told Andrew they just had so go to the Pacer State Titles the next weekend!

    Pacer State Titles:

    6 FYC Boats attended the State Titles March 6-8 2021, the Sailors were: Andrew & Mischa Englisch, Karsten, Meike, Emma and Anton Freuchtl (all in their first Regatta), Ed & Harrison Wright, Lilly & Rose Fogarty and Rick & Lucy Barker.  Support Crew were Victoria & Linda and Jim Fogarty drove a rescue boat as one of the Somers drivers fell ill.

    25 Pacers attended in total, as well as about the same number of 125s. The weather was generally light southerlies and all boats had trouble with the strong tide.

    Results were as follows (skippers first named)

    Ed & Harry - 2nd in Non Spinnaker and 6th overall
    Lilly & Rick - 2nd in Junior/Senior Category and 9th in spinnaker div
    Rose & Lucy - 5th in non Spinnaker
    Karsten & Emma - 6th in non Spinnaker
    Andrew & Mischa - 7th in non Spinnaker
    Anton & Meike - 10th in non Spinnaker

    A great experience for all concerned, particularly for Jim in the race management/boat driving/course setting pressure cooker! Also a great advertisement for the quality of sailing at FYC at the moment, the association wants to talk to us about hosting the event.

    Pacers and 125s lined up on Somers beach awaiting some wind. Photo by Lucy Barker 

    Championship & Aggregate Series:

    Some very close racing and the scores were tight for the winner and places right up to the last weekend, great to see our young sailors coming to the fore and the family teams well represented, there is no batter feeling than to participate/compete as team with your kids!

    OTB Championship: 

    1st Pacer 2733 "Firefly" Harrison & Ed Wright

    2nd Laser 211572 "Ocean Oddity" Rick Barker

    3rd Pacer FYC4 Karsten & Emma Freuchtl

    OTB Aggregate:

    1st Pacer FYC2 Anton & Meike Frechtl

    2nd Laser 211572 "Ocean Oddity" Rick Barker

    3rd Pacer 2733 "Firefly" Harrison & Ed Wright

    KB Aggregate:

    1st – Montalto – John Mitchell and Crew

    2nd – Valkyrie – Peter Dawson & Clay Manners

    3rd – Act of Faith – Tedd Warden & Crew

    Photo: Peter Alexandrovics 

    Montalto Marathon

    A great day of racing 15 Flinders boats entered and 53 in total from 4 Clubs. The day was about as perfect as we could have imagined when planning for it, a steady 12knots from the west (and a couple of squalls to make it interesting!) and not too much swell.

    Flinders well represented in the results:

    1st in OTB Monohulls – Harrison Wright & Ed Wright in Pacer 2733 Firefly

    1st in KB Div – Andrew Kings & Julian Barlow in J70 Soixant Dix

    4th in Junior Skippers – Lilly Fogarty & Mischa English – Club Pacer 3

    3rd in TY/KB Div – Montalto – John Mitchell, David Wilkins & Crew

    Big Thanks to Lucy, Luca, Angus, Marcus, Linda & Rick for the race management and Rescue Boat Duties on the day and thanks again to Montalto for the support of the race.

    Lay Line:

    The “Lay Line” the imaginary line where you will be able to round the windward mark without tacking again. The further you are from the mark the harder it is to estimate and the more chance you will “overlay” the mark and end up sailing too far - tide effect and wind changes will always be a problem.

    Hint: Don’t get on the lay line too early, tack before you get to it so you still have tactical options later in the leg.

    See you on the water!

    Rick Barker
    Club Captain

    Capturing Kennon Cove
    Trish Hurley

    Artist Basil Kouvelis has lived on the Mornington Peninsula all of his life. He learnt to surf at Gunnamatta Beach and says he's 'still learning' and his first job while at high school was picking apples at Montague Orchards-now a Montalto vine growing area.

    Basil and his partner, artist Nadine Jolley, live in Flinders and will be participating for the first time in the Peninsula Studio Trail where artists across the Peninsula open their studios to the public at the end of May.

    While the FYC sailors were working hard getting home in last Sunday’s marathon sail to Balnarring and back, Basil set up ‘en plein air’ on the beach sand and painted a number of oil seascapes on canvas and boards. 

    Both the senior and  junior sailors were  intrigued, as were the dog walkers and beach walkers; from a distance, many thought Basil was ‘cooking’ on the beach a la ‘Surfin’ the Menu’ but he was painting and capturing the beauty of Kennon Cove on what was quite the perfect Flinders autumn afternoon. 

    Photos: Trish Hurley

    Our very own FYC member Janice Johnston has reactivated her art practice and has recently painted a playful series of watercolours based on ‘Life on the Bay’.

    These two paintings were completed after seeing the last day of Tackers 2020. They are available in very high quality giclee prints in various sizes. Please contact Janice for more details. 

    Janice will also be participating in the Peninsula Studio Trail on the last weekend in May. You will be able to visit her studio and see a large array of recent watercolours and linocut works which will be for sale.

    Instagram: janicejohnstonartist

    Mobile: 0419 268 220

    Usually held in November, but postponed due to COVID-19, the Peninsula Studio Trail will have an open weekend on 29th and 30th May.

    Basil and Nadine’s studio and gallery space, Studio@74 is at 74 Cook Street (enter from Stokes Street).

    All members are invited to view Basil’s new work reflecting local beaches, the cliffs, vineyards and the Peninsula hinterland. 

    Check out all of the artists here:

    On Watch

    Fantastic to see Peter Alexandrovics and Prabhas Singh getting the Flying Dutchman on the water!

    Angus Farquhar, Marcus Cave and Prabhas Singh retrieving the Ant Grage after the Montalto Marathon. Photo: Luca Cave

  • 1 Mar 2021 9:08 PM | Anonymous

    Ready About

    COVID Update: The Clubhouse and kitchen are now open for use by members. Please follow the state government guidelines on social distancing, remaining at home if unwell and follow all directions around quarantine and isolation. 

    From the Editor's Desk

    Wow, what a start to the year!

    It has been amazing to share good times with friends as restrictions continue to lift.

    Thank you so much to Peter Alexandrovics in creating our photos page including images of members, sailors and video footage from our tower set up! 

    In this issue we hear from Alan Farrar, Rick Barker, John Sweeney and Brian Coleman. 

    I look forward to competing in this weekend's Pacer State Titles with Rose F, hope to see you around the club. 


    From the Helm

    Dear FYC Members,

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our February issue of West Headings.

    Finally, some summer weather has arrived, albeit only for a few days and now autumn has arrived.

    Despite the cooler than expected weather, our sailing activities are going from strength to strength.

    Our Off The Beach crews have represented the club with outstanding results. On Sunday, at Somers Yacht Club’s SheSails Regatta, Lily Fogarty and Mischa Englisch, with Emma & Meike Frucehtl continued to demonstrate that FYC can produce great sailors. Lily & Mischa’s results of one win and one second in the Pacer class was an outstanding result.

    Our Keel Boats have enjoyed spirited Aggregate racing in recent weeks with Pete Dawson and Clay Manners yacht, Valkyrie, taking it right up to the bigger boats.

    Recent Twilights have been a handicapper’s dream with the boats finishing within minutes of each other. Of course the stories of close finishes grew over the following hours at “Dining on the Deck”.

    Most members are aware of Angus Fletcher’s recent passing. A great yachtsman and a great ambassador to our sport.

    Sadly, we lost another of our keel boat skippers a few weeks ago. David Kennedy, one of our earliest members, with his beloved Quickmatch, a 30ft Beneteau, was a quite though canny opponent of all in a race.

    I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you on Saturday at a Covid modified Labour Day Weekend dinner which will follow our now standard BYO Everything practice.


    Alan Farrar


    Buoy Room

    Some really nice sailing days recently, we have welcomed some new sailors – Mishca, Luka and Andrew  and Sarah, Tabitha and Scarlet in the Club Pacers, this has meant on many days the Pacers have been fully booked! Please make our new sailors really welcome!

    The Club Championships and Aggregates are well underway and in the Championship less than a point separates the first 3 boats so it is all app for grabs, Anton & Meike have a good lead in the OTB Aggregate and the Keel Boat aggregate is also very close!

    See for full results.

    Peter has put some great photos and videos on the web site – see

    Rick, Leigh and Ed attended the recent Laser Regatta at Point Leo with Ed finishing 2nd and Rick 3rd it was a great sail down to PL in 15+ Knots and a very tiring 3 races, we all slept well that night.


    Leigh Glover will be at the Laser State Championships this week end – Good Luck!

    Meike, Emma, Lilly & Mischa are doing some training at Somers at the SASSY Regatta this week end so best of luck in the races there also.

    4 or 5 FYC Pacers will be back at Somers over the Labour Day weekend for the Pacer State Championships which is a great turn out and will be great fun – good luck to all.

    Montalto Marathon:

    Sunday 28 March sees the in augural Montalto Marathon, do you think you have what it takes to sail to Somers and back? Well this is the race for you! Keel Boats and OTB all welcome.  Volunteers needed for the rescue boats .  More detail to follow.

    Big thanks to John Mitchell and Montalto for supporting this event.

    Buoy Room (Mark Room) – RRS18.2

    • (a)    When boats are overlapped the outside boat shall give the inside boat mark-room, unless rule 18.2(b) applies.
    • (b)    If boats are overlapped when the first of them reaches the zone, the outside boat at that moment shall thereafter give the inside boat mark-room. If a boat is clear ahead when she reaches the zone, the boat clear astern at that moment shall thereafter give her mark-room.
    • (c)     When a boat is required to give mark-room by rule 18.2(b),
    • (1)    she shall continue to do so even if later an overlap is broken or a new overlap begins;
    • (2)    if she becomes overlapped inside the boat entitled to mark-room, she shall also give that boat room to sail her proper  course while they remain overlapped.

    Well that's clear then! Remember the 'Zone' is the imaginary 3 boat lengths, and the start buoy is not a turning mark so buoy room does not apply.

    See you on the water!

    Rick Barker

    Club Captain


    Keel sailing season 2021 racing continues albeit fleets a little depleted and a few cancelled races due to thunder storm weather.

    The Wayne Gannon January Twilight Series saw some tight sailing results with the final race tie breaking three yachts vying  for the series win. Down to the wire the J70 Soixant Dix achieved 1st position on 7 points, 2nd Valkyrie 8 points and 3rd Act Of Faith 9 points. Congratulations to Andrew Kings and his able crew on a consistent performance with two wins, one second and a third.   

    Other series under way include the February Twilight Series where we have Act Of Faith, Valkyrie and Soixant Dix again engaged in battle on the water and with two races to go. The Aggregate Series is taking shape with four races completed and another five to go including one postponed from the Covid lock down weekend. From Aggregate racing completed to date we have again a tight competition with four yachts 1 or 2 points off the current leader Valkyrie on 6 points, Montalto 7, and Soixant Dix and Act Of Faith both on 8 points.  

    In recent weeks our Flinders harbour has experienced some fairly heavy easterly weather conditions that pushed yacht mooring safety to the limits. Several non-FYC craft were unfortunately washed ashore - a distressing sight. Thankfully our regular (required) mooring safety checks have proved a vital safeguard, nevertheless boat owners are reminded to undertake regular interim underwater checks. Whilst summer weather conditions have posed some challenges so far this season, racing continues and we remain optimistic about a rush of great summer days into February right up to the Easter season close.

    John Sweeney


    Memories of Angus Fletcher
    Brian Coleman

    I was very saddened to learn of Angus Fletcher's death; I've always thought of him as one of the indestructibles.  Thinking of Angus and his first Tevake brought back memories. When I first joined the Sailing Committee, the Club Captain was Bob Boynton. He gave me two jobs - one to take over OB results and handicapping from Ant Grage, and the other to review and improve the Club's Sailing Instructions. You will be well aware of just how long both tasks stuck with me.  My first attempt at the SIs was for the 85-86 season. Reviews and re-writes followed at regular intervals - ten in all - usually coinciding with, and sometimes necessitated by, RRS revisions.   (Incidentally, I've just discovered I have preserved all my notes and products, right up to 2013 - perhaps I need a clean-out!)

    For my second attempt I can recall spending a long evening at Angus's with him providing the keel-boat expertise, and Holly keeping us sustained. At the time Tevake was a major force in the keel-boat fleet, and Angus was already very highly regarded. As he proved with Tevake 2, he was a devoted Joe Adams fan, and Tedd Warden's Act of Faith is a reminder. I've always thought of Adams boats as narrow, fast, and wet! (Perhaps I fall into the same category since the Leader
    ("Farandole") I sailed at Flinders for many years before relaxing in a Laser was a Joe Adams venture into dinghy design). Shortly after this Angus sought fresh fields and greater challenges Bayside and beyond, but always kept well in touch with us - still a good member at Flinders despite his commitments at Hobsons Bay.

    On Watch

    The overwintering project: Westernport

    FYC member Dominic White will be one of the artists featured in this exhibition at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. We would like to congratulate Dominic and encourage our members to visit the exhibition. 

    We also congratulate Lilly Fogarty and Misha Englisch on placing 2nd overall at the SheSails women’s sailing event at Somers Yacht Club!

  • 16 Jan 2021 8:16 PM | Anonymous

    Ready About

    COVID Update: continue to follow guidelines on the home page of the website. 

    Save the date: 

    FYC Ladies Lunch – 12pm Friday 22nd January at Montalto

    We are delighted to address the request of many FYC ladies and organise a Ladies Lunch in a COVID safe environment.  

    The very hospitable team at Montalto have once again welcomed the opportunity to host us in their unique open air Piazza for this very popular event.  

    We only can accommodate 40 ladies for this lunch.  So book IMMEDIATELY. 

    Click on the Try Booking link to make your booking :-

    FYC sincerely appreciates the ongoing support and generous sponsorship from Montalto's owners, John and Wendy Mitchell, who are long-time members of the club.

    From the Editor’s Desk

    In a long lockdown deprived of our patch of paradise in Flinders, it has been extraordinary seeing our club thriving over January. As a volunteer at a few different organisations, it has been hard balancing engagement and COVID regulations, expectations and administration, now seeing us all back together again it has reminded me why we do what we do: to enjoy our sport, to care for our club house and grounds and enjoy each other’s company.

    A bumper edition this month, with words from Alan Farrar, Rick Barker, Prabhas Singh Tomar, Geoff Barnett, Helen Kent and Tedd Warden. Big thank you to Tedd Warden, Peter Alexandrovics and Andrew English for their wonderful photography of club activities. 


    From the Helm

    Dear FYC Members,

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our January issue of West Headings.

    It was also a recent pleasure to welcome many members and guests to our annual Commodore’s Cocktail Party last weekend. You put your faith in our delivery team to provide a great evening in a COVID safe way. To that, I say ‘thank you’. We had magic weather, magic venue, great friends and excellent food. A big ‘thank you’ must also go to the organising team, headed by Helen and Ingrid. They delivered by the bucketful.

    A full weekend was certainly on the fixture card. On the water our OTB team of eighteen intrepid sailors sailed to Balnarring for the annual teams racing event against Somers, Merricks and Westernport Yacht Clubs. Accompanying them appeared to be half of Flinders. A magnificent effort by sailors and supporters on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday also saw the keel boats off Flinders enjoying a light breeze and tough competition. However, at the risk of stealing their thunder if I say more, I will leave it with Rick and John to further describe the KB and OTB happenings.

    Next weekend sees a full program on the water. However, our social activities are limited to ‘Picnic on the Deck’ on a Bring Everything & Take Everything basis with a maximum of 70 on the deck. The BBQs and Kitchen are not available. Please don’t attempt to use them. We want to avoid closure of the clubhouse as a consequence.

    I look forward to seeing you on the water or on the deck at FYC.


    Alan Farrar

    FYC’s Commodore’s Cocktail Party – Saturday 9th January 2021
    by Helen Kent

    At last we were able to celebrate some form of normality and gather on FYC’s deck with our spectacular views, in the fresh air and enjoy the good company, delicious food, some good wines and great conversation. Hallelujah!

    Now, this event, amid mounting COVID fears, did not happen without a lot of soul searching, checking and rechecking so can you all clap your hands in thanks to Commodore Alan and Stephen Kroker who put in the hard yards making sure we had all the ducks in a row to be COVID safe and compliant; and also to Victorians who played by the rules and saw us with four 00s in as many days preceding this event.

    In deciding to hold an event, we had to ensure we met all safety checks re the food. I sought Trish Hurley’s ideas and she came up with the suggestion of food vans. I grasped that thought with both hands and found four vans that could meet the sophisticated palates of our members: Nem N’ Nem (Vietnamese), Roast N’ Roll (gourmet mini sliders), The Flying Calamari Bros, (local and members of FYC) and Luv Lee Ice Cream (homemade deliciousness). Add some Tuck’s wines (very big thankyous to John & Wendy Mitchell from Montalto), a variety of beers, some French bubbles, soft drinks and sparkling water to the list and we were almost ready to rock n’ roll. The final ingredient that made the night so special was the balmy weather and spectacular sunset. I would also like to thank Ingrid Alexandrovics, FYC’s Social Secretary for managing all the hard stuff, husband Peter for the music, Imogen Kroker and Alex Mitchell for being the fabulous Bar Team, Susan Matthews, Ingrid & Jane Morrell Kelly were our very busy ‘DB’s’, better known as Meet & Greeters, plus Joy Manners, my boyfriend Teddo, the Krokers, the Kellys, the Farrars (including their son Angus and his girlfriend Matilda) for helping set up. Peter and Ingrid were the tireless duo who packed up.

    And finally, thank you all very much to those members, new and longstanding, who supported our first event in nearly 10 months and joined us on the deck.

    Photos courtesy of Tedd Warden and Peter Alexandrovics 


    What a great Summer of sailing! We sailed all 6 Summer Series Races and All 6 Junior Championship Races, now we are into the Championship Races and looking forward to the Brian Coleman Cup on Australia Day weekend, hopefully Brian can come and defend his title from last year.

    Final Results of Junior Championship:

    1st: Lilly & Rose Fogarty (Club Pacer 3)

    2nd: Anton & Meike Freuchtl (Club Pacer 2)

    3rd: Liam & Gavin Vallely (470)

    Great sailing Lilly & Rose!!

    Final Results of Summer Series:


    1st: Karsten & Emma  (Club Pacer 4)

    2nd: Warren Joel (Weta - Wetarse)

    3rd: Warwick Mitchell in (Weta - Beta Weta)


    1st: Karsten & Emma  (Club Pacer 4)

    2nd: Angus Cramond  (Laser - Mild thing)

    3rd: Warwick Mitchell (Weta - Beta Weta)

    Great sailing Karsten & Emma!!

    We had a very successful sailing school this year with 67 participants, including a large complement of 11 adults and 5 fantastic instructors from the Boatshed! We welcome many new members as a result of their participation during the sailing school, so big thank you to FYC members for being so welcoming and encouraging new members to join our community. 

    Our loyal sponsors Bendigo Bank once again sponsored the Annual Sailing School and we were delighted that the Manager of the Balnarring Branch, Mr Greg Hood, was able to attend the final presentation ceremony on 31 December.

    Top left: our well-attended adults course preparing to go out on the water 

    Bottom left: Tackers participants and club representatives at the final presentation ceremony 

    Windward/Leeward – describes the position of a boat in relation to the wind, a boat downwind of another boat is the leeward boat and a boat to upwind of another boat is the windward boat.  It is important to remember that where two boats are on the same tack that the leeward boat will have right of way where it overlaps the stern of the windward boat, the leeward boat may luff up the windward boat (by calling “UP!”) but may not pass head to wind in doing so.  This is the most important right of way rule for boats on the same tack and worth remembering!

    See you on the water!

    Rick Barker
    Club Captain

    Westernport Teams Racing Regatta, 11th of January
    by Rick Barker

    After a very pleasant adventure sail to Balnarring on Saturday, that I think all the kids really enjoyed, 20 Kenn FYC sailors talked the adrenalin rush that is teams racing; 6 identical boats, 3 against 3 in 5 minute races. The Weather was fantastic with the right amount of puffs, shifts and lulls to make it all interesting.

    Unfortunately no trophies for us this year, but well done all the sailors in our Beginners and Intermediate teams – Leigh, Lilly, Karsten, Meike, Angus, Emma, Dom, Fin, Liam, Rupert, Mischa, Luka, Alegra, Prabas.

    In the Experienced Team, Charlie, Ed, Rick, Rose, Anton and Harrison performed really well winning all of our matches other than against the young guys from Westernport, we lost 11-10 in the two matches in the grading rounds and faced them again in the sudden death final.  A good start by Ed saw him get well ahead to take 1st place but we needed to battle our way around against the very aggressive Westernport team to make sure we could take advantage as they will try anything to get a penalty. Charlie and Anton tried a few tricks and despite having to do a 720deg penalty were well up with every one coming up to the last turn, the Westernport team set up a mark trap which Rick and Rose managed to avoid (I think Charlie was distracting the umpire at the right moment) and we looked like we would manage a 1-2 finish assuring us of a win, unfortunately in the 10th race of the day the Club Captain must have been a bit weary and stuffed up the last tack to lose the match.  I was really proud of the way we sailed, our strategy was sail fast and keep out of the way but we managed some really good come backs by good team work.

    Thanks to every one involved, Linda as Beach Marshal, Lucy driving a course boat, Jim and Luca driving a taxi boat, Andrew for the photos and of course all our supporters. Thanks also to Dom, Peter, Fin, Jim, Karsten and Leigh for getting all the boats back to FYC safely on Sunday night. Thanks also to Adam Smith and Westernport YC for putting on the day, they ran 51 races on 3 courses, a fantastic thing for all the sailors!

    Top left and bottom right: drone shots of the action at Balnarring 

    Top right: Capt Dom White 

    Bottom left: Luca Cave loving taxi duty

    Photos courtesy of Andrew English 

    The Action-Packed Experience that is Teams Racing by Prabhas Tomar

    On the day of the races, there were many sailors present with various sailing experiences (beginners to advanced). Some who I had met before, and some were fresh faces. 

    I had the pleasure of sailing with many competent sailors (Lee, Liam, Finch, Dom and a few others). I would like to also commend and thank the people that were taking part in the races, but not sailing themselves – umpiring, organising, and operating the safety boats. I cannot name enough names to thank them all for the support and encouragement they gave to me and my fellow sailors. Some of these amazing people I would like to mention are Rick, Linda, Lucy, Luca, Victoria, Peter and Ingrid.

    It was such a vibrant, friendly and a fun environment. It was very interesting to watch sailors of all ages compete with each other in a most respectful and friendly manner. Even though some races did get competitive, it was not intimidating and everyone taking part in the races made feel like I fit right in.

    I had the opportunity to crew 7 races, all with different skippers in my team. Experiencing these races really evolved my sailing as we had to be vigilant and efficient. 

    The races were organised and composed very well throughout the day. After taking part in these races, I realised how much work and effort goes into organising an event like this for such a wide variety of people and experiences.

    I would like to thank each and every person that was involved – sailors, organisers and even the people that helped us by driving us from one club to another. It is because of these people and the environment that was created, I am looking forward to coming back next season.

    Top left: teams battling it out on the C division course

    Top right: kids in the Salty Seals team discussing tactics 

    Bottom left: The Salty Seals leaping majestically from the taxi boat 

    Bottom right: parents and friends enjoying the racing from the bar


    Spring rain was great for our grounds, the embankment grass jungle was nearly two feet long and had to be hand slashed before final trim by the ride on mower. While getting the place ship shape for the Tackers was important, it was also vital for the Commodores’ Cocktail Party. There was a trial run adhoc gathering on New Years Eve (although few made it past 9pm). New member Duncan was put to good work moving the picnic tables and spreading the mulch behind the Control Tower with his Kubota Tractor and Bucket.

    The OTB crew including Liam, Gavin, David, Warwick, Leigh, Rick, Anton, Karsten, Linda, Mark, Angus, Martin, Hugo Elliot, Dominic, Warren and Mike were a great help shuffling the boats in the compound for a proper mow and tidy up. This is a fairly big job that the KBers usually do, fair that the difficulty in moving boats with flat tyres is shared with those that cause the problem ;)

    Mark, Clay and Andrew were awesome with their whipper snippers doing all the tricky bits. Although Andrew had done more than enough, he came back the next day to finish trimming Lacey View for a sharp entrance all the way to the CCP.

    Ingrid and Peter also helped with window and web cleaning. Peter’s start line and security camera have already been useful recording dodgy-people incidents.

    Don concluded the commissioning of his new winch, with calibration to a load cell connected to the Club Ute bullbar being dragged up the beach. Also involved was Jim from Yaskawa (pictured programming his controller), world’s biggest electronic control company, who with Don gave me quite an education in Process Control.

    KBers have bound together to form the Flinders Lift Company (unincorporated) to maintain their boats to excellent effect. This provided a distraction over lockdown that will be most useful.

    Point of all this is, many people make light work, thanks for your cheerful involvement.

    And thanks to all for closing the boom gate after entry, and locking after last exit.


    Yard Boss

    Top: Don working on the high-tech winch

    Bottom: trimmed saltbush overlooking the Tackers optis

    Welcome to New Members of FYC!
    by Mark and Jacqui Kelly, joint Membership Secretaries 

    We would like to welcome the new members who joined the Club during 2019, 2020 and 2021.

    Welcome to new Family Members:

    The Chambers Family

    The Crisp Family

    The Fitzpatrick Family

    The Higgins Family

    The Pearce Family

    The Redward Family

    The Whiteside Family

    The Lawrence Family

    Welcome to new Social and Senior Members:

    L. Barnett

    D. Fischer

    N. Gaunt

    R. Goller

    C. Jaeger

    T. Loton

    A. Mannix

    J. Smith

    M. Smith

    P. S. Tomar

    J. Tracey

    A. Oates

    FYC Golf Extravaganza & Masters Golf Day 2021
    by Geoff Barnett

    FYC golf day was yet again another ‘roaring’ success, held in extra windy conditions, with some slow play issues (which in hindsight, were my fault) and outside players barging into the field and playing through groups and also being so bold as to take beers from the drinks cart, on the way through! 

    We welcomed players from ‘Pathway to Golf’ and I inadvertently positioned some of them incorrectly in the early part of field. Sorry to all affected including the Slater/Hawkes group. Hope the encouragement awards helped ease any pain.

    There were 50 in the field with many stories of fine shots and narrow misses! No player actually hit the 12th green for the nearest the pin, whereas some did on the harder par 3, 3rd hole.

    Congratulations to the Annie & Pete Dawson, Jenni & John Sweeney group on a magnificent win, especially with a birdie on the last hole! Unfortunately, a group was disqualified for an incorrect score card, despite specific instructions about these issues - just like starting a yacht race with a yacht over the start line as the gun went off! Under the circumstances, the Kate Farrar, Max Findlay, Eamonn Cook & GB group took out second place.

    The Beige Jacket and Silver Cup will be presented at the FYC Presentation Night.

    Men’s longest drive was won by Eamonn Cook, whereas the Women’s longest drive had two claimants.

    The drinks cart, sponsored by our kindly Commodore, was a welcome relief to many tired, and some irritated golfers. A big thanks to Jill McDonald and granddaughter Millie for providing such good service.

    After golf drinks at Zigi’s bar were much appreciated and worked in well with the day. Hope you had a fun day.

    C U all next year! 

    Above: Our golfers enjoying a well deserved drink at Ziggy's Bar

    Photos courtesy of Geoff Barnett

    On Watch

    How Windy is it at Flinders?
    by Tedd Warden

    The Navy told us to stick our head out the window, Marine Traffic stopped wind advice from channel bouy 8 and Cape Schank Light, Balnarring Bight is too far away, Willy Weather at Cerberus is useless, too protected. Rhyll is ok for north and east, not so south and west.

    So, check out Victorian Channel Authority tide gauge with wind, at East Pole, right in the middle of our race track! In real time!!

    Thanks to Master Mariner Grant from Somers.

    Above: KB and OTB sailing over January.

    Club Captain reported to be in the brig after leaving wife behind at Westernport Yacht Club after Teams Racing Regatta.

    Top left: Rick surveying Prabhas' new boat with Prabhas and Maria

    Top right: the Watarse Warren Joel on the water 

    Bottom left: Flinders is the best spot for Windsurfing! Or whatever surfing that is!

  • 23 Dec 2020 4:55 PM | Anonymous

    Ready About

    COVID Update: The clubhouse is open for use, kitchen remains closed. Members and guests should bring all equipment for use of the clubhouse. Registration of your visits to the club and grounds as per the sign is still required. The most up to date information remains on the Home Page.  

    Save the date:

    • The FYC/Boat Shed Sailing School is on again from 27 - 31 Dec go the Learn to Sail to sign up. Send the link to anyone interested as the spots are filling fast! 
    • The annual Flinders Golf Day Extravaganza will be held on Thursday 7th of January 2021, 3:15pm. Book your game on the notice at the club house before 6pm Wednesday 6th of January
    • Commodore Alan Farrar and Kate Farrar invite you to attend the Commodore’s Cocktail Party on Saturday the 9th of January 2021 from 6pm. Bookings Essential:

    Photo courtesy of Peter Alexandrovics

    From the Editor’s Desk

    Being on safety duty for the first time in months brought back many fond memories of my childhood; hitting the back of my heel on beach dollies, stubbing toes on bow platforms for boats in the yard and the copious bruises one seems to attain, especially when Luca drives the rescue boat. Thankfully I skipped the constant sunburn of my youth.

    In this issue we hear from Alan Farrar, Rick Barker, John Sweeney, Tedd Warden and Helen Kent. 

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank many of you for your support of West Headings, and wish you and your families a relaxing festive season, we have certainly earned it!


    From the Helm

    Dear FYC Members,

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our December issue of West Headings.

    The recent restrictions to interstate travel have certainly thrown many plans into disarray. So far, once in Victoria, our revised restrictions have not changed. Let us hope that the efforts our Victorian communities have applied over recent months are not lost.

    It is pleasing to note that the club’s activities will be happening over summer. Though as expected,  unsurprising restrictions do remain.

    The clubhouse is now open, though with a closed kitchen. All members and guests need to BYO everything, including cutlery, crockery, rubbish bags and surface wipes. Registration of your visits to the club and grounds is a must.

    Kate and I look forward to seeing you at the Commodore’s Cocktail Party. Don’t forget to wear the club’s colours.

    I wish you and your families well for Christmas and look forward to the coming season with you.


    Alan Farrar

    Velocity Made Good

    What a difficult month! After 3 false starts of too much wind and 1 half good day, we finally cracked it for a glorious Flinders day on 13 Dec and sailed two races to decide the Spring series.

    Great to see young sailors up the front of the fleet and sailing really well!

    Spring Series Results - 3 Races Sailed:





    Harrison Wright & Ed Wright (Pacer – Firefly)

    Rick Barker (Laser – Ocean Oddity)


    Leigh Glover (Laser – Rocket)

    Leigh Glover (Laser – Rocket)


    Rick Barker (Laser – Ocean Oddity)

    Warren Joel (Weta – Wetarse)

    As we move into another summer of sailing there are plenty of opportunities to sail at FYC and elsewhere (check the website for more details):

    Dec 26 – Pacer Challenge

    Dec 27 – 31 – Sailing School – some places still available – book online through the FYC website.

    Dec 27 – KB Aggregate 1

    Dec 30 – OTB Summer Cup 1 & 2

    Jan 1 – OTB Summer Cup 3 & 4, Junior Champs 1 & 2, KB Jan Twilight 1

    Jan 3 – OTB Summer Cup 5 & 6, Junior Champs 3 & 4, KB Aggregate 2

    Jan 6 – OTB Championship/Aggregate 2 & 3, Junior Champs 5 & 6

    Jan 8 – OTB FYC Teams Racing, KB Jan Twilight 2

    Jan 9 – Adventure Sail to Balnarring

    Jan 10 – Teams Racing at Balnarring, KB Aggregate 3

    Jan 13 – Adventure Sail Balnarring back to Flinders

    Away from FYC:

    Jan 16-19 - Pacer National Titles at Brighton YC (part of Sail Melbourne)

    March 6-8 – 2021 Pacer State Titles at Somers YC

    Jan 3 – 8 - 2021 McCrae Isolational Laser Regatta

    February 27-28 – 2021 Laser Victorian Open and Masters Championships at Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat

    Reminder that all sailors need to lodge a safety declaration and race entry with myself (OTB) or John Sweeney (KB), if you have not already done so please download from the website and send through ASAP.

    “Velocity made good” – this is where a boat does not sail directly at the next buoy but sails the line that maximises speed, it can apply upwind or down wind. Upwind, the tendency is to sail as high as possible, this is usually slower than an angle that maximises speed and most likely a better VMG, so ease the tiller a bit and feel the speed, balance the boat and go fast!  Downwind, the slowest angle is likely straight downwind as there will be no wind movement over the sails, so find the angle that allows the tell tales to move and the VMG will be likely better.

    See you on the water!

    Richard Barker
    FYC Club Captain
    0412 310 012

    Ingrida, Pacer 5, Ozone, Pacer 3, Firefly, Rocket, Ocean Oddity and Wetarse racing on 13/12/20, photos courtesy of Luca Cave. 


    Hi all,

    Keel sailing resumes with AGG No1 Sunday 27/12 1300.

    The full programme is loaded on the FYC website.

    Some information:

    Covid Regs: Organised club racing is permitted subject to 1.5m social distancing for 90% of the time while sailing, allowing for gear management and tacking; Hiking/sitting shoulder to shoulder on the rail/ in the cockpit is NOT acceptable; Outside of key maneuvers all crew must be able to social distance; There is no limit to the number of boats racing; Tenders may be accessed from the yard – minimising access time

    Importantly – Before ALL races, ALL crew names and contact numbers must be advised and recorded for contact tracing. It is the skippers responsibility to ensure all crew details have been provided.

    This information should be logged by SMS to the club dedicated phone: 0490-085-756 (all private and confidential).

    This year a number of keel races will be coordinated by designated Keel Race Coordinators who have agreed to assist (refer programme for names and dates).

    Race Sign on – will be by the conventional method of Radio to Tower (for AGG races) and SMS to the Keel Race Coordinator or KK pre-race. (Boat name, souls on board)

    Course selection – will be from the FYC keel course chart (see website) and course number advised by the Keel Race Coordinator (or KK). Course number will be posted at the Tower (for AGG races). Twilight courses will be advised by SMS.

    Race Starts – will be by the conventional Tower signals with 5 minute count down procedures (for AGG races). Twilight stern chase boat start times will be advised to Skippers by SMS prior to the race.

    AGG Race Times – will be recorded by the Tower team; this year we will be also assisted by tower camera with timing capability as a back-up.

    Race results – these will be processed by KK and posted to the website.

    So first race is AGG No1 Sunday 27/12 at 1300. Race coordinator is to be advised (KK will be away until 30/12).

    Volunteer to set course for Race 1 would be appreciated – just let me know if interested.

    Any questions let me know.

    Have a nice Christmas.



    The grass is cut, the edges snipped, keelboats are out of the yard, the Club Pacers are checked and ready, the bonfire is gone, we have a break in Corona, the weather is warming, the gas bottles for the barby are full- hey let’s go sailing ️, or canoeing or whatever we like to do at the yotty.

    Well except go into the clubhouse, though the toilets are ok to use, the outside shower near the control tower is always hot, (the inside ones need to be turned on half an hour before needed).

    The foreshore will be busier than ever, so all the more important to keep the place secure. If you are the only person there and intend only going for an hour, still lock up the compound (it’s full of neat handy stuff that may attract an opportunist passing by). If you are the only one and going sailing for a while, again lock up, leaving the keys in an unlocked padlock to an open gate is almost an invitation.

    This place is run by volunteers to keep the place as affordable and inclusive as possible. The happy support from the few folk maintaining according to Corona to attempt at keeping the place shipshape Is really appreciated. We need to cooperate to keep this mood, this place, this vibe happening, agreed?

    Cheers to fair winds on smooth seas.

    Merry Christmas and a healthy happy new year from the Yard Boss.


    Tell Tales
    by Helen Kent

    The Penny Nilsen Award was established in 1990 to honour a highly regarded member – Penny Nilsen. Penny and her husband John were amongst the founding members of FYC. John became Commodore in 1979 and he and Penny were a formidable partnership, their drive and enthusiasm helped create the facilities, ambience and culture that we all enjoy and FYC exudes today. Penny was renowned for her energy and friendly demeanour.

    Russell Barrett’s family has had a long association with FYC and he reminisces; ‘Penny was fabulous - great sense of humour which was slightly wicked, great enthusiast for the 'young' FYC, good sailor and tennis player and a thoroughly good person.  Motor neurone disease is such a cruel thing and that vibrant fun person died far too young. Her funeral was well attended at a church in Kew which was full to overflowing - everyone who met her loved her.’ Russell also said that the Nilsen family were very interesting as there were three generations involved with the Club and they had a long association with Flinders.

    Keith Hando was Treasurer of FYC at the time and the man responsible for the clever organising of the finance that enabled the building of the clubhouse. He remembers Penny as  ‘a vivacious and energetic lady who was very much involved in so many aspects of the club: social events, sailing calendar and fundraising.’

    Kathy McLean, a former member and long-time editor of West Headings, recalls; ‘Penny was an avid windsurfer when not crewing with John on their keelboat (a Cole 26 called Quasar). This is one of the things that marked her out – she was so active! She was always helping with FYC fundraising dinners and events, but she was also one of the very few women, in those days, who loved sailing and was regularly on the water. This was in the early days of windsurfing and she was a rarity among women, if not the only woman, who was able to handle those monsters!’

    Our own Commodore, Alan Farrar, also has fond memories of Penny; ‘For me, Penny was the face of the club. Jan Burne brought a few us to FYC for an afternoon on the beach in front of the new clubhouse around Christmas 1982. Penny was very welcoming and quietly enthusiastic about the club. Jan and Penny started my long stay at Flinders. I left Flinders that weekend with view to having something down here if I ever moved to Melbourne. Well, six months later I did.’

    Sadly, Penny died way too young, just in her 40’s, in 1989. Her spirit lives on in all the recipients of the Penny Nilsen Award who, over the years, have gone above and beyond with their volunteering activities for the club. These incredible members can be saluted for their efforts as their names are etched on the Penny Nilsen Honour Board, within the clubhouse, for all to admire.

    A big thank you to Russell Barrett who found these pics that show what such a shining star Penny was.

     – L-R:  David Kennedy, Trudy Kennedy, Charles Burne & Penny Nilsen.

    Bottom – L-R:  John Nilsen, Penny Nilsen, John Newton, Diedre Grage, Ant Grage & Graham Findlay (front right).

    On Watch

    Above: Dominic White, Grant Matthews, High Dolan, Peter Alexandrovics, Alan Farrar, Rick and Linda Barker and new member Prabas after racing.

    Storm activity in Flinders on 5/12/2020 taken on our new camera set up in the tower. Thank you to Peter Alexandrovics for his work on this!

  • 30 Nov 2020 11:00 AM | Anonymous
    From the Editor's Desk 

    Seeing many of you back down at the club last week reminded me of this lovely quote:

    Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing, messing – about – in – boats.

    Water Rat, The Wind in the Willows

    Enjoy this months edition, with contributions from Alan Farrar, Rick Barker, Tedd Warden, Helen Kent, John Sweeney and Joy Manners.

    Happy messing,


    From the Helm 

    Dear FYC Members,

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our November issue of West Headings. I am thoroughly enjoying the contributions of many members with tales of FYC both past and present.

    Following last weekend’s easing of Covid restrictions, it is great to see more activity at the club. Notwithstanding race cancelations due to southern Victoria’s topsy turvy spring weather, its pleasing to report that there has been no dampening of enthusiasm.

    Many of you may have noted the return of keel boats to the boat yard for spring maintenance in recent weeks. Instrumental in making this happen were a team of members lead by Don Fry, Tedd Warden and Clay Manners. I well remember in the ‘80s and ‘90s that more than half the keel boat fleet would winter in the boat yard. By the late ‘90s the trend to sail to Pt Phillip Bay and northern Western Port Bay coincided with the slow demise of the ageing winch and trolleys. Now with state of the art equipment, I look forward to much of our yacht fleet remaining at home for winter.

    While the clubhouse remains closed, we do expect, within a few weeks to provide greater clarity regarding use of the clubhouse and upcoming social activities. To stay abreast of how you may use the club’s facilities, I direct you to the home page of our website which provides more specific details.

    I wish you and your families well and look forward to the coming season with you.


    Alan Farrar

    Important Notice 

    If you open the boom gate and will be coming back out, PLEASE replace the pin and lock it, then close and rest the gate on its support.

    It seems some see an unlocked padlock, take it, and toss it. At $70 for a club keyed lock it is not just an inconvenience.

    Last one out locks it properly.

    Tedd Warden 
    Yard Boss

    Apparent Wind 

    We are still waiting on a start to the season – our first session was blown out with 25kts from the north, less than enticing for those that came down! Editor's note: please see an update on OTB sailing below. 

    The programme and other documents are available HERE.

    Important notes for the coming season:

    While we will try to conduct a normal season of races the most important thing we can do is get out on the water, if our races are a little more informal and we do things a bit differently then that is what it is, maximum flexibility = maximum participation.

    We have a new results system to trial and hopefully will enable online sign on very soon

    Big thanks to Peter Alexandrovics who has installed a new start/finish line camera and recording system in the tower that will be a back up for taking times and checking starting infringements.

    We need to recognise that we are sailing in a public area and we need to comply with the rules set out by the State Government, DHHS and Australian Sailing. Adherence to these rules is a condition of participation. The FYC Covid safe sailing plan is available HERE. All our races will be conducted under this plan which will be modified as the government directives change.

    Current advice from Sailing Australia is that while competition for Adults and under 18s can commence after 2 November, at this stage multi handed dinghies may only be sailed by members of the same household or persons under 19.  Larger boats (eg Status’) may be sailed provided the crew can maintain a social distance 90% of the time eg 1.5mt apart other than while launching, retrieving, tacking etc.

    Reminder to get your safety declarations and race entry forms in ASAP, this is really important so please make my job easier by emailing to me ASAP.

    For anyone interested in an introduction to sailing regattas, the Pacer National Championships will (hopefully) be held as part of Sail Melbourne January 15-20. The Pacer Nationals are a family friendly way to experience sailing at a regatta, fleets are not huge, lots of kids and parents sailing and sailors are happy to share tips and techniques.

    Happy Sailing!

    Rick Barker
    Club Captain

    Editor's note: Please see below an extra report updating us on the first three sailing days of the season from Peter Alexandrovics.

    We sailed the first OTB race on Sunday 22nd November, with Sunday 15th and Sunday 29th cancelled due to high winds. All went well in about an 8 knot breeze. We all got into the swing of things and set sail.

    There were 13 boats involved including 3 optis just for fun including: Tedd Warden, Peter Hercules and Andrew Kings ( 3 x person Opti race with VHF).
    We ran the course and completed. Then we were all becalmed for the 2nd race. We were all bobbing around / having fun on the start line - crashing into each other at zero knots, having jokes and all happy and jumping into crystal clear water. When I jumped in I was surrounded by local Sea Horses in the water. Grant Matthews and the Rescue towed all bobbing ducks in to shore.

    It was a great sailing start for the season 2020-2021!

    Vale Donna Gannon

    About 20 years ago Wayne and Donna joined FYC as a way to meet people. Within a short time, Wayne purchased Flying Cloud and sailed on her until his death, with crew members Mike Morgan, Peter Huntsman and Fiona Reed. Donna was not an active sailor but described herself as Flying Cloud’s ATM.  Donna insisted the crew were always appropriately dressed - no ragged sailing gear was allowed on Flying Cloud! Each crew member had their own Flying Cloud rugby top embroidered with their name and designated role. 

    Donna supported Wayne during his time as Commodore. It was a double act, with Donna in charge of social events and smoothing ripples when there were differing views. She forcefully lobbied for the new Club kitchen. Under Wayne and Donna’s leadership having fun was an essential part of sailing at Flinders. This legacy survives to the present day and is integral to the much-loved culture of the Flinders Yacht Club.

    Donna and Wayne were generous hosts. Keelboat sailors often retell the story of an infamous evening at their home in Rest Drive after an aborted twilight sail. Donna and Wayne had just returned from overseas, but invited the dispirited group of sailors back to Rest Drive for a dinner of omelettes - eggs being the only thing in their fridge at the time.  The food was washed down with plenty of good quality wine. A memorable night was had by all.

    Donna, Mike, Wayne and Peter cruising on the Adriatic Sea in their Flying Cloud sailing gear

    Donna was a stylish lady, noted for bright colours and bold patterns in her clothes and jewellery. And great hair – reflecting a long career in hairdressing. She enjoyed fine food and wine, declaring you must enjoy and savour the best. Her cheese boards were legendary. Donna was a one-eyed Collingwood member supporting her side through the ups and downs of VFL/AFL football.

    In recent years, Donna returned to Melbourne to live due to health issues but she continued to enjoy short breaks at Flinders. She loved the FYC camaraderie and the many adventures, shared with FYC friends including sailing on the Adriatic and Aegean seas.

    Our thoughts are with her family - Fiona, John and Sarah and her much loved grandchildren Dominique, Eloise, Hunter and Tyson.

    Keelboat sailors will continue to brave the vagaries of weather during the January twilight season for the honour of the Wayne Gannon Cup donated by Donna.

    Clay & Joy Manners and Mike & Jane Morgan 

    Keels & Coudas 

    Keel boat sailing is planning to adopt a similar full program as last year with the first scheduled race set for Aggregate No. 1 Sunday 27th December 2020. We are carefully following government official advice in terms of what we may and may not do in terms of keel sailing and safe and compliant management measures. A more detailed notice to keel sailors will follow in the coming weeks once further clarifications are made available.

    At this stage what we do know is that organised club racing can resume if 1.5m social distancing can be adhered to while sailing for 90% of the time; hiking/sitting shoulder to shoulder on the rail/ in the cockpit is NOT acceptable; outside of key manoeuvres all crew must be able to social distance; there is no limit to the number of boats racing; masks must be worn at all times unless sailing with a member of the same household; tenders may be accessed from the yard – minimising access time; radio race sign on and crew details to the Tower; recreational keel boat sailing is permitted subject to Covid safe rules. Please refer to FYC official advice on the home page.

    So, things are looking bright for a pleasant but somewhat different sailing season in 2020/21, although I am sure the usual banter on the water will be as active as ever. Members wanting to know more about keel sailing or seeking to participate should contact me to assist.

    Finally, your KK will be spending some January time in Melbourne and is looking for assistance from keel skippers (or others) to take responsibility for one week of racing in January (typically one Twilight and one Aggregate). Shared across two or three volunteers should see January racing well covered. Pretty simple job to check weather, set an appropriate course, communicate with the Tower and ensure time records completed. I will collect time records, post results and update handicaps as per normal.   

    Your KK,

    John Sweeney
    Keel Kaptain

    To continue to part 2 of the November edition, please click here.

  • 30 Nov 2020 10:38 AM | Anonymous

    Winches & Weeds

    Winter 2020 has been unusual as you may have noticed! Due to the Corona Lockdown our contractors were not allowed to mow the grass, but some members gave up their exercise time to put in an hour or two to attempt to hold back the encroaching jungle. With the wet it has also been warm which has been great for the prickly weed Bindii. Although the grounds have been treated, going barefooted may be painful. Due to Corona limits there is no working bee this season but many thanks to the core 'Yard Gang' including Smokey, Clay, Davo, Wazza, Duncan, David, Mark, Mabs, Ian, and Andrew who came thru to shuffle boats in the compound, mowing, weeding, de-vining, whipper snipping, slashing and flail mowing. Moving boats with flat tyres is hard yakka for us old farts so fix yours up. And well done to Max and Jeanette for defining the roadways, and John and Susie who keep the Saltbush vigorous. 

    The compound is for sailboats only, empty trailers go outside behind the big shed. Bass park trust lease excludes launching of non-yacht related power boats. Boats are to be kept bow to the fence that bow props don't create a trip hazard.

    The bonfire has got rid of our off cuts and that's it as we approach bushfire season proclamation. Ian did a mighty job registering burn offs (CFA 1800 668 511), providing water hoses, and monitoring the burns for completeness.

    The willing sharing of labour and machine for the club's benefit is humbling and appreciated.

    We try to give members some tangible value for their money, like the south rack for free water toy storage if labelled. An opportunity was grabbed to create slipping dolleys for keelboats and their winter maintenance which promises to be very useful for active boats.

    The club winch was pronounced dead by our consulting engineer Don. He then designed, built and installed a new one which is significantly wonderful. A small Corona Compliant gathering of the Yard Gang toasted its inauguration, and their efforts, and enjoyed some of Clay and Joys' Paella on the deck bringing our own chairs, tables and sanitiser.

    To reduce slip in the club ute on seaweed, second-hand but still chunky 'Mud Tyres' were put on.


    By Helen Kent

    FYC is very proud to (belatedly) announce Victoria Fogarty is the extremely well deserved winner of the FYC 2019/2020 Penny Nilsen Trophy. Victoria, wife of Jim and mother of Lilly (12) and Rose (10), epitomises the very essence of the award. Her welcoming smile, vivacious demeanour, energy and involvement in every aspect of the club reflects the character of the award’s namesake, “Penny Nilsen”, who was part of the yacht club for many years. Victoria is an ever-present member who wraps her joy in the club around each member she greets, offering cups of tea, introductions and all manner of assistance to make the recipient of her attention feel so special. She is always to first to assist with any social event and has been instrumental in managing the refreshments and social side of the annual Tackers program for the last couple of years.

    Former commodore Rob Cave with Victoria and Jim at the 2017 Commodore's Cocktail Party.

    We asked Victoria to give us her view of FYC membership.

    What year & why did you join FYC?

    We joined Oct 2016 but Jim had been a member in the 1980’s and 90’s and has many good memories growing up at FYC. When we built our own place at Flinders in 2015 we were keen for our daughters (Lilly & Rose) to have the opportunity to sail and make some new friends. Also my father who passed away in 2016 was a very keen sailor so there is an emotional connection to sailing for me.

    Above left: Victoria lending a hand.

    Above right: Will Morgan and Lilly discussing race strategy.

    How has FYC contributed to your quality of life?

    In many ways it has become like a second home to us, and the members are almost like an extended family. What has really impressed me is how much generosity other members have given to our daughters, encouraging and mentoring them as sailors. It is hard to single out any names as really the entire membership have been so welcoming and so amazing to Lilly and Rose. Tedd Warden & David Campbell have taken the girls out numerous times on their keel boats, and they have both been actively mentored by Rick Barker and Ed Wright. My husband Jim took them out in a Pacer one of their first seasons and they both avowed they would never sail with him again! So we are very grateful with all the active sailors who are so good with encouraging FYC junior members.

    What are your favourite FYC events?

    I enjoy the Tackers week because there are so many new families and families we haven’t seen all year. The children have so much fun learning about sailing, and there is really good camaraderie with the parent helpers. I also really enjoy seeing parents sail with their children. We all get swept up in busy lives during the year, and there is so much value in family time during the summer sailing at the club. The new Quiz night last season was also very enjoyable and I have never really enjoyed Quiz nights before.

    How would you like to see the younger FYC members get involved?

    Both our children have gained a lot from the Tackers program, not only from a sailing point of view, but the social aspect for junior sailing is excellent. So I would definitely recommend the Tackers program to any new family members. I also think if junior members are keen to learn about sailing to just ask around the club and to turn up on race days to see if anyone needs crew. The keener you are the more opportunities are available to young sailors. Social Sailing Saturdays is also an excellent way for families with children to participate in sailing without the stress of racing. For younger parents, I would definitely recommend getting involved in assisting with the junior social events as a fantastic way to meet other new parents and establish new friendships. We really value the friendships we have made at FYC.

    Above left: Lilly & Rose receive accolades at 2018 FYC Presentation Night with Anna Cave and guest speaker Gen 

    Above right: Lilly (2nd from left) & Rose (far right) on the deck with friends.

    On Watch

    A reminder from our Membership Secretaries Mark & Jacqui Kelly to please submit payment for your membership subscription as soon as possible. Your subs go towards the maintenance and improvement of our wonderful clubhouse, yard and club boats.

    Our famous summer sailing school is going ahead! Bookings are essential, please click here for more information. 

    Beautiful one day, windswept the next, image of the FYC foreshore from Peter Alexandrovics

  • 1 Nov 2020 10:39 AM | Anonymous

    From the Editor’s Desk

    Dear FYC community,

    Emerging from lockdown from 5km to 25km, those of us in Melbourne are anticipating when we can once again enjoy our little paradise at Flinders. The process of opening up is happening rapidly and your committee are working hard to continue this process. Please visit the homepage to view the most up to date information on how we can enjoy a COVID safe summer. 

    Enjoy this October’s edition with content from Alan Farrar, Helen Kent, Tedd Warden, Lily Fogarty and Ingrid Alexandrovics.


    Lucy aged 12 in January 2009 on the Flinders mud flats with a Melbourne friend, courtesy of Linda Barker 

    From the Helm

    Dear FYC Members,

    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our October issue of West Headings. Packed with contributions, I know that as you read, you will learn a little more about our great club and its community.

    Certainly, it is excellent news that we appear to be emerging from severe restrictions.

    While the clubhouse remains closed, our sailing operations appear to be ready to go, pending an update in the next few weeks. To this end, I direct you to the home page of our website which provides more specific details.

    You will note that we now have a specific phone number (0490 085 756) to which all members and visitors need to notify their attendance at the club.

    I wish you and your families well and look forward to the coming season with you.


    Alan Farrar

    Meet the Lindners with Helen Kent

    Flinders Yacht Club was established as an active sailing club, however over the years we have embraced and been enhanced with a vibrant community of social members. Whilst these members are ostensibly non-sailors, they enthusiastically embrace the unique ambience that FYC offers. Some get out on the water in SUPs, kayaks, wind surfers, kite boards or occasionally crew on members’ yachts. Many go above and beyond with their active volunteer contribution to the running of the club and Dave and Mares Lindner exemplify this attribute. 

    Dave was part of the Flinders sailing scene in the 1980’s, even before there was a club house. In fact, Dave’s mooring for his Shockwave 37 catamaran – Mako (which he built), was right where the club moors the safety boats. He also built a Trimaran and outfitted another.  

    The years rolled on and Dave fell in love with the beautiful Mares, whom he met at MYC, establishing homes in Mornington & Mt Martha. For a short time in 2012 they had a Jeaneau 32 moored at Flinders.

    Being an old mate of Tedd Warden he and Mares were lured across the hill to enjoy many a sail on Act of Faith and the ensuing drinks on the deck. They were also very welcome guests at some of the FYC social functions. So often were they part of the scene here, they not only became members of FYC in 2016 but also moved to make Flinders their permanent home in 2018. ‘We love Flinders and the welcoming and friendly feeling from everyone we meet’, states Davo.

    Mares and Dave have become very familiar faces around the club as they put their hand up to assist with many of the tasks that keep our club running: tirelessly setting up, then packing away, cleaning up for social functions, part of the wedding/functions ‘meet & greet’ team and enumerable hours of weeding and hard yakka about the grounds. They are also very active members of Lions and frequently can be seen assisting with parking in rain, hail or beating sun on Red Hill Market days.

    Dave still occasionally crews for Teddo with his well-seasoned seamanship, much humour and not adhering to Helen’s #1 rule of ‘no gloating on the boat’.  He is also an avid and accomplished kite boarder, now with foil, and has been seen flying across Kennon Cove during this COVID lockdown.

    Top left to right: Enjoying the January 2017 “White Niight” Commodores Cocktail Party (L-R: Stan, Mares, Luisa & Davo), and at the Status 19 Working bee. Davo holding up the mast and his trusty dog Molly supervising.

    Bottom left to right: Mako moored in Kennon Cove pre FYC Clubhouse and Mares, Davo & Helen Kent aboard Act of Faith.

    The Sea Monster
    Artistry from one of our younger members, Arabella Wright 

    One day there was a little girl who saw a pur octopus
    Then she sail over to the island 
    She gets rope from her ship then she throws a rope to get the key 
    And then the little girl saw a chest and opened it 
    Inside the chest there was lots of gold. She sailed home to her family with the gold. They lived happily ever after. 

    Why junior sailing at the Flinders Yacht Club is definitely worth doing
    By Lily Fogarty

    There have been many benefits from Junior sailing for me on many levels. There is the sailing side, the social side and the serious side. A few years ago, I had no sailing knowledge at all. I didn’t even know what a tiller was! The summer Tackers program provided an opportunity for me to start at the lowest level and literally learn the ropes. At FYC you can start off with absolutely no knowledge and end up sailing practically every day of the week during summer. The Tackers program is really good because you can start off in Tackers 1 in Optis, progress through Tackers 2 and onto Tackers 3 with the aim of sailing solo in an Opti which is a huge achievement. After Tackers 3 you begin sailing in Pacers in Start Sailing which adults can take part in as well. You progress through Better Sailing, then Start Racing, then the last level, Better Racing. All of these improve your skills and provide you with the knowledge to race competitively at club level.

    The social side of the Junior sailing is super fun. I have made so many new friends over the past few years through the sailing programs at FYC. Programs like Tackers and all the junior events like the Junior Beach Party, Movie Night and Progressive dinner have created so many new friendships amongst the junior sailors.  Some of the active junior sailors who have had so much fun include Harry and Boo, Emma and Anton, Mischa and Luka, Fin, Sonny and Lewis, Max and Sam, Grace, Phoebe and Fraser, Grace, Rupert and Teddy, Adelaide and Beatrice, and Rose and I, just to name a few. Of course, none of the junior social events would be possible without all the parent helpers who organise and make all the events fun and enjoyable.

    Then there is the serious side to the Junior sailing. We are lucky at FYC that there are so many adult sailors who are so generous with their time in mentoring us juniors. Even the keel boaters have been amazing such as Ted and Helen, David Campbell and the Morgans who have had me out on their keel boats. Ted has even been brave enough to let me take the tiller! In OTB, adult sailors are incredibly supportive like Ed Wright, Warren Joel, Warwick, even Big Hugh, Will, Charlie O’Hara, The Caves and Lucy Barker. And then of course there is Rick who has taught me so much and given so many great opportunities to me like racing at the Pacer States and Nationals. There is a responsible side to junior sailing and that is the opportunity to learn about safety and the role and duty of rescue boats.

    I can definitely recommend sailing at Flinders Yacht Club to any other potential junior sailors. Hope to see you soon on the water!

    A Note from Montalto

    A reminder to members that John and Wendy Mitchell have kindly given us the opportunity to enjoy their excellent wine and support FYC.

    Please shop at your convenience at and use the discount code FYC2020 in the shopping cart as a coupon. This is will activate your 10% discount on wine, and your order will be packed for free local delivery on Fridays. If in doubt, please call the Montalto team at the Cellar Door, 7 days from 10 am – 3 pm on 0437 255 812 and they will be happy to help and process a payment over the phone while you browse online.

    Adventures on the high seas of Virtual Regatta
    By Tedd Warden

    The COVID lockdown has given us some time to learn more on the theory of sailing, and it has been helpful to see how other pursue their sailing in practice. We are grateful for their sharing of often hard earnt experience through their video productions on YouTube.

    As well, the virtual yacht racing app, Virtual Regatta, has reinforced my mantra that successful yacht racing is just: 1 Starting on time, 2 Keeping clean air, and 3 Sailing the shortest course. While that theory is simply put, in practice it is quite tricky, and Virtual Regatta throws all variables at you: skewed start lines, wind shifts, lulls and gusts. Each 5-minute race has 14 boats, with classes such as laser, J70, Star, 49er, Inshore Racer, from thousands of other racers around the world. There is no quarter given and rule breaches immediately earn a three second penalty, which quickly puts you back. In a hundred races I have made it to the first mark in front twice, and the best race result a third, and I thought I could sail!

    Challenging, but great for honing tactics and strategy. My tip: if you finish a race you get credits to ‘buy’ race helpers, which I use to get VMG which steersyour boat best, while leaving me to find the favoured end, jockey for a brilliant start, get clean air, avoid other boats, make sure I am starboard at the first mark, look for the gusts, not hit marks…

    Here are some like I’ve found particularly helpful, hope you do too.

    Webb Chiles 6 times circumnavigator

    Tom Cunliffe experienced cruiser

    Virtual Regatta tutorial

    Lin & Larry Pardey world travellers

    Sailing Magic Carpet young couple sail France

    Skip Novac extreme location sailing and survival

    Patrick Childress Bluewater Cruising with practical tips

    Carol Hasse master mariner walks thru her Nordic Folkboat

    Sailing Uma sensible couple sail the world sharing their lessons

    Skaistā Ingrīda – The Beautiful Ingrida
    By Ingrid Alexandrovics

    When Pete took me to view a boat he was interested in buying - I was horrified! I thought, ‘what is he thinking?!’ It was beaten up, ugly and looked so un-seaworthy. The trailer was so rusty I was sure it would fall apart if we loaded the boat onto it.

    For the whole of the following year, Pete and I sanded and sanded and sanded back the many layers of paint off the boat until we got it back to the original timber. Pete made a few improvements and alterations with the seating, helm and the bespoke metal stem for rope rigging. It was a labour of love.

    Finally, after a year of weekends working on the boat, we were ready to test it out. The first time we sailed, we realised the centre board wouldn't stay down, making the boat unsteady in the water. There were gusts of 20+ knots that day, so we spent that first sail running (more like throwing ourselves) from Port to Starboard to stop the boat from tipping over. There were a few other teething problems, but Pete studied and rectified any issues that revealed themselves.

    On the skiff weekend in November, we took Ingrida out to test the new electric motor Pete had fitted. The day was becalmed so the Elite team were all coming in off the water while we were fitting up our boat (sails up) ready to go 'sailing'. They looked at us as if we were seriously dumb! We got in the water, turned on our electric motor and 'sailed' back and forth in view of the club for a full half hour - noiselessly. Back on land, FYC members let us know that the Elite sailors were flabbergasted, 'How can THEY be sailing in these becalmed conditions?!’

    We had the boat blessed by the ‘Flinders King Neptune’ and he named the boat Ingrida (the Latvian spelling of my name), possibly to entice me to sail - it didn't work!

    Regardless, I'm proud of what Pete and I achieved and love the life at the FYC.

    On Watch 

    Note that information about our sailing school has been released, please see our Learn to Sail page for more information. 

    FYC Sailing school Dec 2008, courtesy of Linda Barker

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